November 6-8, 2017

Speaker Details

Michael Hansen
AVP, Open Telco Strategies

Mike has been involved with leading-edge technologies for more than 30 years, mostly in consultative roles within the telecommunications industry.    Mike’s passion throughout his career has for been maximizing business value from the creative application of emerging technologies.

Mike has helped create Red Hat’s Open Telco model, which involves the transformation of telcos into an open platform for the development and delivery of digital goods and services, enabling them to carve out a more significant role in today’s digital economy.  As AVP of Open Telco Strategies, Mike leads the executive engagement program for the Red Hat Telco BU.  In this role, he consults with telco industry executives regarding strategies to maximize business value from open source innovations and their transformation to the Open Telco model.

Mike was a founder of Agilent Technologies Next Generation Networks Operation, a business unit that developed performance monitoring/OSS solutions for then-emerging VoIP networks.  He became involved with cloud technologies in 2010, working on the “Carrier Cloud” initiative with Bell Labs Innovations.  This initiative foresaw NFV, and envisioned telcos providing cloud services from their network edge - MEC.   Mike became involved with OpenStack when he joined HPE in 2012.  He worked on the Helion OpenStack cloud project, with a focus on the NFV opportunity for telcos.  Mike continued to work in the area of NFV/OpenStack when he joined the Telco Business Unit at Red Hat in 2016.