November 6-8, 2017

Speaker Details

Rupert Taylor-Price
Vault Systems

Rupert Taylor-Price is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vault Systems. Rupert has a strong track record in establishing successful technology companies both in Australia and overseas. Described as a serial entrepreneur, Rupert has a strong desire to improve citizens lives through government. With this mission in mind, Rupert established Vault Systems in 2012. Vault Systems is a Government Community Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Provider that has incorporated and automated the delivery of the Australian Government Security Controls to provide one of the world’s most secure clouds.

Prior to Vault Systems, Rupert developed a world-leading Software-as-a-Service Information Management Platform for the Australian Government which provided extensive services to the community services sector. Partnering with agencies such as the Department of Employment, Department of Human Services and Department of Social Security meant working with the most sensitive and personal data of citizens. Rupert immediately recognised this type of data demanded the highest level of protection and set out to design a solution to store this data in such a way that met Australian Government Security Controls without compromising security, availability and performance.

Rupert undertook extensive research and was able to leverage existing technology in a creative and innovative way to develop Vault’s government cloud offering. Vault Systems utilises OpenStack, the world’s leading open-source cloud operating system which is backed by some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting. Rupert harnessed this cutting edge technology, creating a platform that provides world-leading performance, security and functionality. This ultimately benefits Australian citizens and businesses by enabling Government to deliver better services through technology while meeting security requirements and protecting the sensitive data of citizens.

In March 2017, Vault Systems achieved the classified level of “Protected” Certification from the Australian Signals Directorate. This certification allows Vault Systems to store highly classified government information in its Government cloud. Vault Systems is only one of two companies globally who have met the rigorous standards of ASD to achieve this level of certification.

Rupert is recognised as an expert in government cloud services and cyber security. He is a highly sought after speaker at technology conferences. He is often called upon to provide advice to major government departments and Ministers on the adoption of cloud by Government and cloud strategy. Vault Systems is a leader in the provision of government cloud services and the protection of highly sensitive and classified data. Vault Systems is trusted by the Department of Defence and the intelligence community to deliver cloud services, with a substantial number of major Federal government departments also utilising Vault’s government cloud platform to deliver services and solutions.