November 6-8, 2017

Speaker Details

Andrew Boag
Catalyst IT Limited

After completing a Computer Science degree at Otago University in New Zealand, Andrew has been working in various roles from software developer, solutions architect to project manager in the IT industry since 1998. Featuring time in the Media, Banking, Education and bespoke software enginneering sectors. While technical and operational by background, Andrew understands technical leadership and pushing forward with pragmatic solutions to real world problems.

Andrew is the Managing Director of the Australian wing of the Catalyst Group, arriving in 2008 as the initial staff member and building up the business to 30 staff over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices.

Andrew has presented at Linux Conference Australia, the Open Source Developers conference and an Open Stack Summit on cloud and open source technologies, Andrew is passionate about OpenStack and the rise of open source cloud technologies and platforms. Giving us all new toolsets to apply to the needs of our clients.