November 6-8, 2017

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The Successful Journey of OpenStack

OpenStack has become the standard for private cloud projects, and tencent's private cloud product, TStack, is not only popular within tencent, but also has a large number of customers outside. Bowyerliu, principal architect of Tencent Cloud TStack team, shares the success stories based on OpenStack, xiamen government affairs and tangshan iron and steel private cloud.

Monday, November 6, 10:15am-10:25am (11:15pm - 11:25pm UTC)
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Tencent Co. Ltd.
Bowyer is the chief architect of Tencent private cloud platform named TStack. Engaged in openstack related work since 2012, and designed TStack based on openstack with Tencent engineers. During his work in Tencent, he has leaded and participated more tens of cloud project for government and state-owned enterprise, responsible for the cloud architect design.These projects make TStack and... FULL PROFILE