November 6-8, 2017

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IAG, OpenStack and the Launch of Open Source ‘Data Pipeline’

Insurance Australia Group (IAG)> has sold insurance for 160+ years, so it has earned the title “legacy company” in the sense of heritage and longevity. But don’t make the mistake of applying that description to its IT approach, because IAG’s data team (a Superuser Awards nominee) has transformed IAG into a rapid-prototype, rapid deployment organization and open source leader.

In this session, TechCrunch reporter Frederic Lardinois will chat with Eddie Satterly, IAG leader for product engineering and data operations, about how IAG has transitioned to real-time data architecture and developed new ways to deliver open source software solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear more about Data Pipeline, a data-movement project birthed by IAG using its OpenStack solution and open sourced just days prior to the Sydney Summit.

Also, learn how IAG’s use of OpenStack to manage data workloads and adopt quick, fail-fast prototypes has helped the company with pricing, customer service, marketing and analytics.

Wednesday, November 8, 11:00am-11:40am (12:00am - 12:40am UTC)
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