November 6-8, 2017

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Supporting General Federation for Large-Scale Collaborations

OpenStack and Keystone have already built-out basic support for federation.  This includes federated identity management, and the ability to "federate-in" and "federate-out" the other OpenStack services.

However, with modest additional work, OpenStack and Keystone could support general federations across multiple administrative domains.  This could include federations at the IaaS, Paas, and SaaS levels.  This would facilitate a wide variety of collaborations, including areas as diverse as international "big science" efforts, international disaster response, and supply chain management, just to name a few.

These types of federated clouds, or inter-clouds, are being pursued by the Open Research Cloud organization:

and the NIST/IEEE Joint WG on Federated Cloud: 

ORC's goal is to support international science collaborations.  The NIST goal is to "define" federation, build a conceptual model, map-out federation deployment models, and identify needed areas of federation-specific standardization.  The IEEE goal is to push these federation standards through the standardization process.

The success of these efforts will depend directly on engaging with cloud builders, operators, and stakeholders.  OpenStack and Keystone are in a unique position to provide technical leadership and create a new market for cloud-based collaborations.  We want to present this value proposition, and start this process in the OpenStack community.

Tuesday, November 7, 1:50pm-2:30pm (2:50am - 3:30am UTC)
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Senior Scientist
Dr. Craig A. Lee is a Senior Scientist in the Computer Systems Research Department of the Aerospace Corporation. He has worked in high-performance parallel and distributed computing for the last thirty years. This work has led to Dr. Lee's involvement in the Open Grid Forum (OGF) where he served as President from 2007 to 2010, and facilitated the global federation of “big science”... FULL PROFILE
Infotrend Inc., Chief Technologist
Martial has worked in the distributed computing field for 20 years, starting with designing data serialization algorithms for MPI  (his Ph.D. subject), making multimedia network streams to be used on commercial off the shelf hardware time-synchronized, implementing a job scheduling software, architecting data-driven research evaluation platforms, and lead the team the NIST team using... FULL PROFILE
Experienced executive level consulting, business development and strategic planning for research & education institutions and advising technology companies and service providers supporting the research community, teaching and learning at the higher education and the education vertical. FULL PROFILE