November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

Charms - Project Onboarding

The project onboarding rooms will be set up classroom style, dedicated to the projects that have signed up to teach new contributors about the project code, and give them an opportunity to meet established community members. The idea is that new contributors will come here to get started in the project after they have gone to OpenStack Upstream Institute and already know the basics of contribution.

Tuesday, November 7, 4:10pm-4:50pm
Difficulty Level: N/A
Canonical, Technical Architect
James Page is an Ubuntu and Debian Developer and previous PTL of the OpenStack Charms project. James is currently focussed on distribution and deployment of OpenStack on Ubuntu and currently works for Canonical as Technical Architect of the OpenStack Engineering team. FULL PROFILE
Liam works at Canonical on deploying OpenStack with Juju and charms. Before that he worked as a System Administrator supporting a number of private OpenStack clouds among many other things. FULL PROFILE
Ryan is the Software Engineering Manager on the Ubuntu OpenStack Engineering Team, a global open source software development team at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux.  He focuses on application modeling, cloud operations modeling and software engineering process automation. Ryan joined Canonical in 2014.  His background is in network engineering and open source system integration. ... FULL PROFILE