November 6-8, 2017

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OpenShift vs Kubernetes vs OpenStack

Heard about Kubernetes but don't quite understand what it is and how you might use it? How does Kubernetes relate to OpenShift, the enterprise distribution of Kubernetes, and where does OpenStack fit into all of this? In this talk you will learn more about OpenShift and Kubernetes, and how you can use them to build, deploy and manage applications in containers.

Tuesday, November 7, 10:50am-11:30am (11:50pm - 12:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Tags: openshift
Developer Evangelist
  Graham is the author of mod_wsgi, the Apache module for hosting of Python web applications using the WSGI interface. He also has a keen interest in Docker and Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies. He is currently a developer advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat. FULL PROFILE
OpenShift Field Product Manager and Developer Advocate
Jorge Morales, Red Hat Product Marketing Manager, works on the OpenShift developer advocate team. He has experience working on DevOps. Now, he's helping developers understand the benefits of a Platform-as-a-Service. He also works as Field OpenShift Product Manager bringing developers and customers experiences into the product. He also likes spending his spare time with his family that he... FULL PROFILE