November 6-8, 2017

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Omni v2.0: GCE, Azure integration and support for multiple regions

OpenStack Omni was featured in the OpenStack Summit Keynote at Barcelona. It is a set of OpenStack drivers to control and manage resources on AWS. The drivers provide the ability to integrate core OpenStack projects such as Nova, Neutron, Cinder, etc. with AWS and provide a seamless experience managing an AWS endpoint using OpenStack. It provides the benefit of leveraging unified multi-tenancy for quota management, single sign-on and other IT policies across public cloud.

Features such as support for AWS and GCE public clouds have already been implemented while the support for Microsoft Azure is in active development. Some notable features that we will discuss in the presentation -

  1. Support for different AWS/GCE/Microsoft Azure accounts per Keystone tenant by allowing users to specify separate keys for different tenants.
  2. Leveraging the concept of OpenStack AZs to support multiple regions and AZs of public cloud providers.
  3. Deep dive into the GCE and Microsoft Azure integration.

What can I expect to learn?

A deep dive into latest features available in OpenStack Omni.

Tuesday, November 7, 5:50pm-6:10pm (6:50am - 7:10am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Platform9 Systems Inc
Pushkar Acharya is an early engineer with Platform9 Systems Inc., working on vSphere integration with Platform9 primarily in the nova, cinder and glance. Recently also started working on integrating VMware NSX plugin in neutron and the OpenStack Omni project. FULL PROFILE
Platform9 Systems Inc
Sachin is a Kubernetes Tech Lead at Platform9. After graduating from UT, Austin he started his career coding tools for making VM management easier @VMware. He then moved on to simplifying Openstack delivered as a service for @Platform9. These days, he is muddying up the Kubernetes space, working to simplify enterprise Kubernetes-as-a-service and app management.  FULL PROFILE