November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

Neutron based networking in Kubernetes using Kuryr - a hands on lab

Since we had some tremendous response to the hands-on lab in Boston, we have decided to do it again, however this time with some enhancements in Kuryr including the integration with Kubernetes.

Kuryr aims to be the “integration bridge” between the two communities, Docker and Neutron.  It also intends to propose and drive changes needed in Neutron (or in Docker) to be able to fulfill the use cases needed specifically for containers networking. The Kuryr effort is focused to be the courier that delivers Neutron networking and services to Docker.  In this lab, attendees will setup Kuryr and integrate with Neutron networking. Attendees will also do hybrid setup where they will create VMs and containers using Kubernetes and docker on same network  as a part of lab exercise . 


  1. Personal laptop required with at least 8 GB memory and of that 6GB should be free 
  2. Virtual Box (version 5.1 or higher recommended),

Please download the lab-VM Image here:

* Download the devstack VM, kuryr-11.ova 

What can I expect to learn?

Attendies will get a conceptual view of Kuryr and how it bridges the networking between the containers and neutron especially for the containers orchestrated used Kubernetes.

Tuesday, November 7, 10:50am-12:20pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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