November 6-8, 2017

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Edge Computing (Platform) as a Service powered by OpenStack

With IoT and mobile devices become popular, more and more data are being created at the edge of the network, quite a lot of them should be processed at the edge instead of sending over the network to a central cloud to process. Typically the system has a large amount of edge nodes, and each edge node has only limited resources, and using containers technology somewhat.

In this session we will discuss how to build Edge Computing (Platform) as a Service. The cloud is powered by OpenStack, the edge nodes are OpenStack/Kubernetes running applications in VM, Container or Serverless. We show how easily to add a new edge node and manage its lifecycle including update, patch, monitoring, warning and troubleshooting etc.

What can I expect to learn?

The audience is anyone interested in Edge cloud computing. Attendees should learn how to utilize OpenStack to build a Edge Computing platform as a service to easily add OpenStack/Kubernetes edge nodes and manage their lifecyle, to achieve the goal of improving user experience and reducing cost.

Wednesday, November 8, 2:05pm-2:15pm (3:05am - 3:15am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Chief Virtualization Technologist
Dr. Yin Ding is the new generation Virtualization Technologist at Huawei IT product line. Yin is responsible for creating and communicating technical vision and strategy for Cloud Infrastructure and Container Technology business. He works closely with IT Product line R&D teams to bring the new generation cloud technology into public cloud products. Before joining Huawei, Yin spent over ten... FULL PROFILE
Principal architect of Huawei FusionSphere (OpenStack based Cloud OS).  The initial, Ocata and Pike PTL of the OpenStack Tricircle project ( ) for tenant level networking automation across OpenStack clouds. The initial and current PTL and key committer of OPNFV multisite project: The key system... FULL PROFILE