November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

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How Zanata powers upstream collaboration with OpenStack internationalization

The main goal in OpenStack I18n team is to make OpenStack ubiquitous. To accomplish this, translating and reviewing strings for better quality of outcomes are what translators conveniently do in Zanata. However, what the most powerful aspect using Zanata in I18n team is that Zanata enabled OpenStack I18n team to more collaborates with many OpenStack project teams with development aspect.

In this talk, we explain cool Zanata features which more encourage upstream collaboration for better OpenStack internationalization including Zanata REST APIs, Zanata-cli, OpenStackID integration with Zanata,
and how PO files are managed using Zanata with multiple OpenStack project teams. Also, we would like share how open source collaboration made be possible in OpenStack translation and development, and also in OpenStack I18n and Zanata development teams by telling memorable stories on the collaboration with many OpenStack official project teams from Zanata development team and I18n team.

What can I expect to learn?

We expect that attendees learn the followings but not limited to:
- Translation is also one of open source activities.
- Zanata is an open source translation platform and OpenStack powers internationalization using Zanata.
- Which Zanata features power OpenStack internationalization?
- How such features facilitate collaboration across multiple OpenStack upstream teams?
- How Zanata evolves with the feedback from OpenStack I18n team?
- How developers utilize Zanata for better internationalizatoin?
- How other open source projects can make use of Zanata?

Monday, November 6, 2:20pm-3:00pm (3:20am - 4:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Alex Eng is a Team lead for in Red Hat G11n tooling team. One of his team project - Zanata is an opensource translation platform used by RedHat, Fedora and Openstack community. He is also committee member for Fedora Globalisation group. Alex is passionate on software and document translations. He loves to learn and improve any translation utility that will help with translations. FULL PROFILE
Senior Software Engineer
Senior software engineer working in Red Hat's globalization toolings team. The main project is Zanata - a translation management platform used by Red Hat, Openstack, Fedora and more.  FULL PROFILE
Principal Software Engineer, NEC
Akihiro is working with OpenStack community from Folsom and is a core developer of Neutron and Horizon. He is also an cloud architect and running OpenStack clouds with several regions. He spends his spare time on I18N related activities. Before joining OpenStack community, he worked on developmen of network virtualization testbed in Japan using OpenFlow. He has been involved in... FULL PROFILE