November 6-8, 2017

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Container self-service deployment using Kubernetes on OpenStack at Paddy Power Betfair

At Paddy Power Betfair we have pretty much nailed our VM deployment workflow, doing 1000 deployments a day using VM's on OpenStack, but the end goal has always been to offer VMs, bare-metal or containers to give our developers choice. In this presentation we will show how we set-up our Kubernetes architecture on OpenStack and integrated it with Nuage networks to create our self-service container workflow. We will show our pipelined continuous delivery workflow for containers that includes packaging containers using Packer, uploading them to Docker registry hosted in artifactory and finally deploying continers on OpenStack instances using nuage networks Kubernetes integration using our self-service framework. We will demo this live to attendees and step them through our Container reference architecture.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how we deployed an HA Kubernetes in our OpenStack cloud. They will be shown how we used open source tooling such as Packer to create container images in our CI process. We will demonstrate how we integrated our docker registry with Artifactory. They will be shown our Kubernetes cluster achitecture per availability zone and how we integrated it with the Nuage Networks plug-in on top of OpenStack to manage container networking. We will then demo our self-service container deployment pipeline using Kubernetes and walk users through each pipeline stage.

Wednesday, November 8, 12:20pm-12:30pm (1:20am - 1:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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