November 6-8, 2017

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What China Developers Brought to Community after 6 OpenStack Bug Smash Events?

Since 2015, China has run OpenStack Bug Smash events for 6 times, which have fixed hundreds of bugs and more than 100 engineers were involved.

As the chairpersons, the speakers have many precious findings from the activites and results, and would like share them among audiences. 

In the past 3 years, OpenStack developer ecosystem in China has been changed significantly. Meanwhile OpenStack has also many changes. Behind all the changes there are some reasonsand trends.

This session is going to analyze the trends, plan the new values China developers will bring to community, and provide some valuable feedbacks to community. 

What can I expect to learn?

1. as PTLs, you can get how to cooperate with Bug Smash to improve your projects' quality.

2. as community operators, you can get how to run bug smash and provide your suggestions.

3. as engineers, you can get the new projects or features incubated.

Tuesday, November 7, 9:00am-9:40am (10:00pm - 10:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
I am leading OpenStack upstream development team in Huawei, one of the Platinum member of OpenStack.  Since joining OpenStack community in 2015, I have been working to connect customers to OpenStack cumminty, by introducing customers requirements to community, implementing in upstream and helping downstream team to deliver product to customers. I am also one of the organizers in China... FULL PROFILE
Intel Corporation
Jianfeng(JF) is leading his team to work on cloud software community development in Intel, focusing on orchestration projects such as OpenStack and Kubernetes. Meanwhile he and his team have many interests in cloud automation solutions, to leverage mature cloud techniques in several important areas, like AI/ML, NFV and Edge. His team has many experts in different areas, meanwhile... FULL PROFILE
EasyStack, software engineer & community director
 ChangBo Guo serves as Individual Director of OpenStack Foundation in 2017/2018 and Oslo PTL for Pike and Queens. He worked on Linux and AIX for several years. He is one of the earliest OpenStack contributors in China. He has been working on the OpenStack since 2012, when he worked on the PowerVM driver under Nova to support IBM Power Systems. He is Oslo core reviewer and have been... FULL PROFILE