November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

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Warp-speed Openvswitch: Turbo Charge VNFs to 100Gbps in NextGen SDN/NFV Datacenter

Telco and Enterprises are looking for high performance, secure and scalable network infrastructure while building nextgen datacenters for NFV & SDN deployments. Top requirements are:

  1.  Scale-up services with analytics: millions of mobile flows; video, voice, data   
  2.  High performance: 25G to 100G per Server
  3.  Security
  4.  Optimized resource usage
  5.  Multi-site deployments: efficient multi-tenancy using SDN overlay
  6.  Integrated end-to-end solution with no vendor lock-in

In this talk, RedHat, Nuage Networks & Mellanox will address these challenges in a solution centric manner bringing together 3 key components of NFV & SDN infrastructure: Openstack, SDN Controller & SmartNICs. We will describe the modifications to many open source components including Linux kernel, OVS & OpenStack (Neutron, Nova & OVS ML2), to enable a vendor agnostic, open source and community driven OVS offload solution that’s radically different, offers blazing high speeds up to 100Gbps/VNF and has no trade-offs.

What can I expect to learn?

- Requirements for next-gen SDN/NFV datacenters: 5G, IoT and mobile applications will demand more from the infrastructure

- What is OVS Offload to SmartNICs? How does it meet the needs of next-gen SDN/NFV Datacenter?:  25G+ speeds with SR-IOV no CPU overhead. Offload OVS flow rules and actions, traffic classification, QoS marking, encap/decap tunneling,  NAT,  firewall ACL filtering, TCP connection tracking, DPI and DDoS prevention. If offload fails, fall back to OVS slow-path.  Offload millions of flows with firewall rules and connection tracking.

- Tradeoffs between datapath options; SR-IOV, OVS-DPDK and OVS Offload

- Dive into OVS Offload options: SR-IOV with OVS offload, partial offload with OVS-DPDK, VirtiO options with live migration

- Community activities including Linux kernel TC/flower, OVS match and action offload, Openstack upstream work for Neutron, Nova and ML2 (OS-VIF)

- Limitations of OVS offload with SmartNICs - Features dependent NIC vendor, bonding within NIC only, limited live migration support with VirtIO

- Proof of Concept results of integrated solution with performance analysis of OVS Offload with VLAN and VXLAN

Monday, November 6, 5:50pm-6:00pm (6:50am - 7:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Technical Product Manager at Red Hat
Anita Tragler is Technical Product Manager for Networking and NFV at Red Hat. She has over 15 years experience in the networking industry designing solutions for Telco/Service Providers and large scale Enterprises. After graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, she has worked on multiple technologies including VoIP, MPLS VPNs, Multicast VPNs, SDN with ODL/PCE and accelerating... FULL PROFILE
Mark Iskra is technical Marketing Director for Nokia’s Nuage Networks with a core focus on virtual network performance and NFV for OpenStack. Mark’s vision is to broaden the horizon of SDN at Nuage Networks by working closely with strategic partners bringing disruptive technology to OpenStack.  In addition to his background in SDN and virtual networking, Mark draws from broad... FULL PROFILE
Senior Director, Cloud Marketing, Mellanox
Ash is a Senior Director of Cloud Marketing at Mellanox Technologies. He leads overall cloud market strategy, solutions marketing, and ecosystem partnerships for cloud service provider and telco cloud market segments. Ash is an accomplished hi-tech industry leader focused on the intersection of technology, products/solutions, and markets. He has over 20 years of experience in building and... FULL PROFILE