November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

Achieving Zen-like Bliss With Glance

Everyone uses Glance, but not everyone uses Glance.

Most people use Glance without even thinking about it.  You use Glance when you boot instances, you use Glance when you save snapshots of your servers, and you use Glance when you decide what operating system you want on your new VM. Join us in exploring features of Glance that you may not be aware of--features that operators can use to secure and improve the performance of their Glance deployment, as well as features you can use to enable your end users toward better collaboration and discovery of data assets.

In general, we will answer:

  • How do I discover images ?
  • How do I share images effectively with my organization?
  • How do I ensure the authenticity of image data using digital signature?
  • How can I make better use of my image metadata using property protections?
  • What are image locations? Are they appropriate for my cloud?
  • What is the new image import workflow, and what does it do for me?
  • And more ...

What can I expect to learn?

You'll hear suggestions for effectively using Glance from three current Glance core contributors who have experience supporting Glance in OpenStack clouds of various sizes, including some of the largest public cloud deployments.  We've identified a set of stable features in Glance that aren't as widely used as they could be, and we'll explain why they're useful and how you can use them.

Monday, November 6, 5:10pm-5:50pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Verizon Wireless
Brian Rosmaita was the Glance PTL for the Ocata, Pike, and Queens releases. He's a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Verizon Wireless. Brian formerly worked as part of the now defunct OpenStack Innovation Center.  He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Folsom release and was a software developer on the Rackspace first generation cloud.  He's... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
During working hours Erno is mainly hacking OpenStack Glance as full time upstream developer and serves as Glance PTL for Rocky cycle. Stationed near Galway, Ireland Erno is one of the remotees in Red Hat's fleet. Before joining Red Hat, he used to work for HP(E) on multiple roles involving support, training and OpenStack development. Erno is very Enterprise minded focusing his... FULL PROFILE
Abhishek is a long time contributor to various OpenStack projects, including the Glance, Nova, Cinder, Tempest, and Keystone projects.  He is a Glance core contributor. FULL PROFILE