November 6-8, 2017

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Taking OpenStack to SaaS and Beyond! An IBM Story

In a rapidly evolving cloud-oriented world, it is essential that you deliver software as a service offerings both efficiently and reliably in order to be successful.

Traditional on-premise solutions have grown into monoliths that are difficult to maintain and scale. Organic growth issues with these solutions challenge organisations to investigate alternatives such as hybrid cloud or cloud-based offerings. This migration results in greater cost effectiveness by significantly reducing maintenance, dedicating focus to their core business.

Customer demand for cloud delivered capabilities is driving a transition of the IBM Security division. Using OpenStack Heat and minimal modifications to a single-tenanted security inspection appliance code base, we were able to create a scalable and flexible architecture with multi-tenancy support and global scalability.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will be guided along the journey IBM Security took to evolve a single-tenant security inspection appliance to suit a multi-tenanted cloud environment. This talk will demonstrate to listeners how OpenStack Heat can be used for their own solution migration and enhancement goals, and how the same pattern has been used for the path to cloud for other IBM Security appliances.

Monday, November 6, 3:10pm-3:50pm (4:10am - 4:50am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Dale Bowie is a Staff Software Engineer at IBM Security's Australia Development Lab on the Gold Coast. He has worked with OpenStack for 3 years, focusing on application migration to the cloud using Heat orchestration. During this time he has led DevOps efforts for critical cloud security components, and driven internal test and development infrastructure architecture for several IBM... FULL PROFILE
Holly Wright is a recent Engineering graduate from University of Queensland, now employed by IBM Security as a Software Engineer. Her experience encompasses embedded robotics system programming and development of IBM Security products. She has worked with OpenStack for 2 years. Holly has adapted an existing security product to support multi-tenancy in the cloud by building a... FULL PROFILE