November 6-8, 2017

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Operational management: how it is really done, and what should OpenStack do about it?

As more OpenStack clouds enter production, operational management is becoming a bigger focus for customers. Enterprises have varying requirements, and there are a myriad of tools out there to meet those requirements. In this talk, we will outline how a developer or component-focused approach is not what customers want, and we will provide guidance on performance and capacity, sizing, and availability monitoring. We will also suggest approaches for using tools like Sensu, Fluentd, and Collectd, including how they can be integrated with OpenStack deployments. In addition, we will discuss templates for what should be monitored for OpenStack and how to prepare a manifest so that OpenStack operational management tools can be easily integrated into Enterprise customer operations practices.

What can I expect to learn?
  1. What to monitor in production OpenStack clouds 
  2. How to integrate tools such as fluentd, collectd and sensu in production OpenStack clouds
  3. How to build and provide manifests of operational management actions provided by OpenStack deployments to integrate with enterprise customer operations processes
Tuesday, November 7, 10:20am-10:30am (11:20pm - 11:30pm UTC)
Slides: Slide Deck
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Anandeep has been involved with OpenStack since 2011 and has been at two different companies that provide OpenStack distributions and were among the largest contributors to OpenStack.   He has been a speaker at the OpenStack summit previously and has years of experience managing large scale OpenStack deployments at enterprises.  Currently he leads product management efforts for... FULL PROFILE