November 6-8, 2017

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Tempest plugin & Docker: How to revolutionize testing your Openstack services

Openstack integration testing via tempest is moving towards a plugin framework and we need an efficient mechanism to test these plugin tests hence making sure the new features do not break your working cloud.

Since each project/service will have it's own plugin repository in future we should be able to test API's for each service separately and in an efficient way consuming less time. Hence we will be showcasing a rest based utility where the user only needs to give their plugin name and the cloud credentials as the input and it would in turn run their plugin tests inside the container and once completed it will return test reports along with logs back to the user. These reports can be used to identify any failures in the tests or the added feature itself.

The possible use cases are:

- Easier inclusion of individual component testing into the CI/CD pipeline

- Testing of components can be done on demand even by non-technical resources



What can I expect to learn?

This presentation will give an overview about tempest plugin and it's design principles. Attendees can expect to get an understanding into how tempest plugin is created and the key points to remember while creating a new plugin for their project. It will also give insights into the benefits that a tempest plugin has to offer. 

Since our tests would be running inside a container we will be giving an overview about docker and how it can be leveraged to run the tempest tests in a fly.

A demo would be given on how to use our rest based utility to run the plugin tests and this would help the attendees to use our utiliy and give feedback as well.

Tuesday, November 7, 5:00pm-5:10pm (6:00am - 6:10am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd
He is a software developer at Ericsson working on the Airship Project which makes operating open infrastructure simple, repeatable, and resilient. He has been an active member of open source community and contributor of multiple open source projects. During his free time he likes to play cricket, listen music and read books. FULL PROFILE
Emirates NBD, Sr. DevOps Engineer- Manager
Uday currently works as a Sr.DevOps Engineer working on Openstack for Emirates NBD. Previously he has worked as an OpenStack developer . He began his career managing and planning Telecom Radio networks in India. He later moved onto Automation testing & development of monitoring solutions for IT and telecom networks for nearly 8 years, working for customers across the globe. Uday eventually... FULL PROFILE
Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd
Hemanth works with Ericsson Inc as Solution Architect contributing to AT&T Network Cloud with focus on Solutioning, Airship/OpenStack/Openstack-Helm feature enhancements and the ecosystem opensource tools. Prior to Ericsson, he has worked with TCS Cloud R&D labs designing solution accelerators on OpenStack/NFV/SDN platform. FULL PROFILE