November 6-8, 2017

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Making fast forward upgrade OpenStack possible with configuration mapping tool

Following to the recent surveys, most of OpenStack users are using Kilo or Liberty release and almost all of them want to jump their OpenStack system from Kilo release to newest and stable version without going through some releases!

But how can we perform this? Current blocking-point is configuration management and there are no way to automatically create new compatible configuration from old release configuration.

For now, we have oslo.config generator tool to show deprecated options in newer release but they are still lacking some mapping configurations. Moreover, it is impossible to automatically convert them when a few old options will be replaced by one new option.

This is the reason why we have made a PoC that is integrated with oslo.config to do that. Then we would like to contribute it to community. It will help users easier to make configuration changes by generating new trusty configuration for new versions from any old versions.

Dai Dang Van
Nam Nguyen Hoai
Lujin Luo


What can I expect to learn?
  1. The common workflow of upgrade OpenStack
  2. How did we fast forward OpenStack with this tool
  3. A plan to implement this tool to OpenStack
Wednesday, November 8, 11:50am-12:00pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate