November 6-8, 2017

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How atmail picked OpenStack for its email-as-a-service products

For users of over 150 million email accounts in nearly one hundred countries, atmail is the company hard at work behind the scenes making sure those emails get delivered and OpenStack is critical for that. Since 1998, atmail has provided email solutions for service providers (such as internet service providers (ISPs), hosted service provider (HSPs), telecoms, global corporations and government agencies in Australia and the US. Its infrastructure has gradually migrated from hardware to virtualized in various iterations. Currently more than 15% of atmail infrastructure is powered by OpenStack-powered DreamHost Cloud.

This talk will highlight why atmail chose OpenStack and DreamHost, the journey into cloud so far and the future plans. As atmail evolves its architecture and deployment methods, more OpenStack projects become attractive: the results of such explorations will be shared.


What can I expect to learn?


  • Why we chose OpenStack
  • Why DreamHost
  • Our journey to date
  • Our global setup
  • Future growth
  • How we have enabled our environment
  • How we automate deployment
  • Pending OpenStack projects which interest us


Wednesday, November 8, 3:30pm-4:10pm (4:30am - 5:10am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Jonathan has been programming from a young age, finessing his way through many programming languages. After cutting his teeth with several smaller jobs and personal projects, Jonathan joined VertiSoft Corp. in 1997, catapulting him into the culture of "software as a service" well before it became an industry buzzword. Jonathan harnessed his passion for user experience in the computer science... FULL PROFILE
Senior DevOps
Matt has spent the past 20 years working operationally and leading teams in both managerial and senior systems engineering roles largely in the email space. Matt is responsible for the architecture, operational maintenance and technological growth of the atmail cloud. Matt is a family man with 2 daughters, a self-confessed geek and a ‘Dr Who’ fan.   Learn more about atmail.  FULL PROFILE