November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

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Bringing Worlds Together: Designing and Deploying Kubernetes on an OpenStack multi-site environment

As companies expand their reach to meet new customer demands and needs, so do their IT infrastructures. This expansion brings to the forefront the complexities of managing technologies such as OpenStack in multiple regions and/or countries. Prior to building and expanding these technologies IT teams are likely to ask themselves:

  • How will we manage our growing infrastructure and applications?
  • How will we handle authentication between regions and/or countries?
  • How will we backup/restore these environments?

In order to simplify these complexities and to answer these questions, we look towards a multi-site solution. This session will focus on the best practices on building a highly available multi-site Kubernetes container platform environment on OpenStack.

This session is best suited for OpenStack administrators, system administrators, cloud administrators and container platform administrators.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees should expect to learn the following:

  • Best practices for designing and deploying a multi-site OpenStack environment
  • Best practices for designing and deploying a highly available distributed container platform
  • Best practices for multi-site cloud management
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different multi-site OpenStack topologies 
Wednesday, November 8, 10:20am-10:30am (11:20pm - 11:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Principal Software Engineer
Roger Lopez is a principal software engineer in Red Hat’s Solutions Engineering group. This team identifies high-value solution stacks based on input from Sales, Marketing, and Engineering teams and develops reference architectures for internal and external customers. Roger is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) with more than 10 years of computer industry experience at Dell and Red... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Distinguished Architect
Julio Villarreal Pelegrino is a Technologist and Enterprise Architect with over eighteen (18) years of experience in the Software and IT Industry. Currently, Julio serves as a Distinguished Architect for Cloud and Infrastructure at the Global Services Office of Technology, providing open-source technology solutions to customers.  In this role,  Julio helps customers to define their digital... FULL PROFILE