November 6-8, 2017

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DMA(Distributed Monitoring and Analysis): Monitoring Practice and Lifecycle Management for Telecom

Monitoring and its application are becoming key factor for service lifecycle management of various systems such as NFV (5G/MEC) and cloud native platform. Distributed monitoring and analysis, we proposed at Boston Summit, was one of the framework which enables flexible and scalable monitoring that can work with current OpenStack telemetry and monitoring framework.

In this presentation, we will show the service lifecycle management, enlarging the scope of our framework to utilize monitoring data for failure recovery. The advantages of the framework are (1) fast fault detection by shorter interval monitoring (2) silent failure detection by machine learning with various types of metrics. The presentation also includes a demo, showing a workflow of quick service recovery, interworking among OpenStack, including Congress, Ceilometer and Aodh, collectd, scikit-learn and related OPNFV projects.

We will also cover our activity on community, OpenStack and OPNFV.

What can I expect to learn?
  • Updates of our activity at Boston.
  • Operation workflow for service lifecycle management: collecting -> detecting -> notifying -> recovering
  • Architecture and advantages of DMA: distributed monitoring with fast detection
  • Demo: 0.1 sec fault detection and lightweight machine learning and recovering process.
  • Collaboration with OpenStack and OPNFV
Wednesday, November 8, 1:50pm-2:00pm (2:50am - 3:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
KDDI Research
  Yuki Kasuya has been engaged in research on infrastructure management in KDDI Research. He is currently investigating the infrastructure operation for Cloud,NFV,IoT and so on, especially, fault management for NFV,IoT,CloudNativeNetwork and Network Slice. He also works as a technical advisor for KDDI’s cloud platform with OpenStack. FULL PROFILE
Senior Software Engineer
Tomofumi Hayashi is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. He works on SDN/NFV development with NFV partners and with open source communities. He has been contributing OpenStack projects and OPNFV projects. He has more than 10 years of experience in networking equipment development and its technical support. FULL PROFILE
NEC Corporation
Toshiaki Takahashi has been working on developing a platform for telecom in NEC. He has been providing a virtualization infrastructure using OpenStack for high-availability services. He is a contributor to Tacker for enabling orchestration of virtualized network functions. He has been contributing to the promotion of building a framework for fault management for telecom through demonstration... FULL PROFILE