November 6-8, 2017

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Unleash the True Power of Openstack: Introduction to OpenStack's APIs

OpenStack offers some wonderful command line and graphical user interfaces.  But if you're really ready to experience the true power of OpenStack, you need to explore its rich set of APIs!  

OpenStack's APIs allow you to automate your world in incredible ways.  Every operation, from creating and managing networks, tenants and disk volumes to spawning, resizing, migrating and destroying swarms of virtual machine instances, can be controlled programatically with a few simple lines of code.

Learn to harness this power and use it for the good of your organization in this hands-on lab taught by's Lead Cloud Systems Architect, Mike Smith.   For the past 4 1/2 years, Mike and his team have designed, built and operated Overstock's private OpenStack clouds.  He also created the company's robust orchestration suite which automates the provisioning and management of Overstock's Production, Staging, Development and Test environments. 




What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn to program against various OpenStack's APIs in Python. 

During the lab, attendees will write code that interacts with the APIs for Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Glance to create and manage users, instances, networks, disk volumes, images and more.

Attendees should be familiar with the basics of the Python programming language prior to attending. Beginning Python tutorials are available for free online. 


Tuesday, November 7, 3:20pm-4:50pm (4:20am - 5:50am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Mike Smith is the Lead Cloud Architect at and is responsible for the design, build-out, and operation of Overstock's private Openstack clouds in multiple locations. Mike has a long history of experience with online retail, Internet hosting and service virtualization. He has spoken at previous OpenStack Summits in Paris and Austin and is a co-organizer of the OpenStack Utah user... FULL PROFILE
Cloud Systems Architect
Jeff Maas is a Cloud Architect at and aids in in the design, build-out, and operation of Overstock's private Openstack clouds in multiple locations.   FULL PROFILE