Speaker Details

RaviShankar Suribabu Koratagere

Ravi is a Senior Architect with Walmart Labs Bangalore. He has rich experience working at various levels of the application stack including microservices, and infrastructure. In current portfolio, Ravi designed and manages the end-to-end infrastructure of the Machine Learning platform for walmart.

Ravi has deep knowledge of the internals of container management solutions such as docker and kubernetes, and hands-on experience with complex projects with large scale kubernetes clusters - such as cluster upgrades, autoscaling for hybrid clouds, stability , and more

Apart from talks given at various forums, he has also submitted for patents and filings:

1. Submission on 'Intelligent Keyword Routing' - IP.com disclosure number: IPCOM000215777D 

2. Submission on 'Dependency Management' filed with USPTO - Docket No: 070.P279 (Y08981US00)

When not working, Ravi generally likes to watch television and travel.