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Setting up an edge cloud in six commands

Join the Canonical team to explore MicroStack. See how you can set up an edge cloud in six commands!

The edge computing paradigm is becoming more and more popular, as the number of cloud workloads grows. While the most critical workloads continue running in the core, the less critical ones and those with strict requirements with regards to the latency and throughput are now being adopted in the edge. This means that instead of a small number of huge environments we are going to see a huge number of small environments during the following years.

But how do we scale out those clouds? Depending on the size of your organisation, there may be hundreds of them. Let's say there are five hundred edge clouds to be deployed in one year. This translates to almost two clouds per business day. How can one handle such a huge operational load?

During this presentation, we will demonstrate how can you quickly set up an OpenStack-based cloud by executing just six terminal commands. We will use MicroStack for this purpose. MicroStack is OpenStack in a snap, developed and maintained by Canonical. Apart from the edge use case, it is also perfectly suitable for laptop-based installations, development and CICD.

Tuesday, November 5, 10:30am-10:50am
Difficulty Level: Beginner
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