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Expanding Scope: Edge Computing Working Group Update

 The Edge Computing Working Group continues to work on defining use cases, identifying project synergies, and architecting a reference architecture based on the work we have already done in defining the use cases.  Join us as the panel discusses the work that we have been doing and how we have been engaged with the larger OpenStack, OpenInfrastructure and Open Source communities over the past year, and what we will be working on in the coming year. Projects and work includes:

· Neutron

· StarlingX

· Keystone federation  development to support edge use cases

· Glance support for federated models

· Ironic

· Edge Lab

· China Edge Working Group update

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn just how much the Edge Computing Working Group’s projects have advanced over the past year as the work has expanded to other projects within both the OpenStack and the wider Open Source communities.  This is an opportunity to learn how you can participate in driving innovation in this exciting new super set of the cloud computing technology, as the working group continues its mission to provide requirements to help vendors and Open Source projects create tools and features in support of the use cases.

Monday, November 4, 1:20pm-2:00pm (5:20am - 6:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Open Infrastructure Foundation, Director of Community
Ildikó started her journey with virtualization during the university years and has been in connection with this technology different ways since then. She started her career at a small research and development company in Budapest, where she was focusing on areas like system management and business process modelling and optimization. Ildikó got in touch with OpenStack when she started to work... FULL PROFILE
Shuquan Huang is a Technical Director at 99Cloud, where he built the whole engineering teams from the ground up, established agile development methods to design and implement solutions for cloud computing and edge computing. Shuquan has been working with open source software for over 10 years. He started his OpenStack journey at its early days in 2011 and actively involved as technical... FULL PROFILE
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Senior principal software engineer with over 20 years of experience designing and building software solutions. I am currently a member of Dell EMC Network Edge team.  My introduction to OpenStack was working on the team that implemented the Crowbar deployment tool, the first of it's kind for deploying OpenStack to bare-metal. I have been an active upstream contributor to the OpenStack QA,... FULL PROFILE
Senior Open Source Specialist
Working in the telecom industry in the last one and half decade It was possible for me to see the evolution from vendor specific hardware to virtualisation and cloud and a bit beyond. Currently Gergely is part of a team of Nokia CTO which is reponsible for open source and standardisation. In the last year Gergely's was working in the OSF Edge Computing Group on the analyzis of edge use cases... FULL PROFILE
China Mobile Research Institute
Qihui is a project manager at China Mobile Research Institute since 2017. She is a member of the NovoNet project which drives NFV/SDN strategy for China Mobile, and are currently working on the research of edge cloud.  FULL PROFILE
Intel, Engineering Director of Cloud Software, Individual Director of OpenStack Foundation Board
Shane Wang is an engineering director of Cloud Software at Intel's System Software Products. He has participated in or led his team on research and development of open source software projects such as Xen, tboot, Yocto and OpenStack. Since 2015, he has served as an individual director of OpenStack Foundation Board, with years of commitment to community development and building. Currently he is... FULL PROFILE