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General Information

What is the address of the Shanghai Summit venue?

Shanghai Expo Center | 上海世博中心
Address: Gate 2 No.1500 Shibo Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

What is the format of the Shanghai Summit?

The Summit will run for three days, Monday - Wednesday, November 4 - 6. The Project Teams Gathering will run three and a half days, Tuesday afternoon - Friday, November 5 - 8.

Keynote will be held Monday
The Marketplace Expo Hall will be open Monday - Wednesday
Main Conference Breakout sessions will run Monday - Wednesday
The Forum Developer & Operator working sessions will run Monday - Tuesday morning
Project Teams Gathering will run Tuesday afternoon - Friday


What is the Project Teams Gathering (PTG)?

The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) is an event organized by the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) and will be held in the Expo Centre in Shanghai on November 5 - 8, 2019. It provides meeting facilities allowing the various technical teams contributing to OSF projects (be it code, documentation, operator or user feedback) to meet in-person, exchange and get work done in a productive setting. It lets those various groups discuss their priorities for the upcoming months, assign work items, iterate quickly on solutions for complex problems, and make fast progress on critical issues. The co-location of those various meetings, combined with the dynamic scheduling of the event, make it easy to get specific people in the same room to discuss a specific topic, or participate in multiple team meetings. Evenings allow for team social interactions and relationship building.


Is there any financial support available for travel/accommodation?

Yes, if you are a key contributor to an open infrastructure project and your company does NOT cover the costs of your Shanghai travel and accommodations, you may apply to the Travel Support Program.

The Travel Support Program's aim is to facilitate the participation of key contributors to the Open Infrastructure Summit & PTG by covering the costs for their travel and accommodation. The OpenStack Foundation sets aside a fund to support this program. If you are a key contributor to a project managed by the OSF and your company does not cover the costs of your travel and accommodation to Shanghai, you can apply for the Travel Support Program. The total amount of the fund is to be divided among the approved key contributors. View more information about the selection process here:

Apply for Travel Support by filling out this application.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: August 8, 2019
Approved grantees will be notified the week of August 22, 2019.

If you have any questions about the Travel Support Program, please email [email protected]

Interested in donating to the Travel Support Program fund? Donate here! 


Where do the Open Infrastructure Summits (formerly OpenStack Summits) take place?

The Open Infrastructure Summits (formerly OpenStack Summit) relocate each time. The November 2019 Open Infrastructure Summit and will be held in Shanghai, China.

Previous Summit Locations
2010: Austin / San Antonio
2011: Santa Clara / Boston
2012: San Francisco / San Diego
2013: Portland / Hong Hong
2014: Atlanta / Paris
2015: Vancouver / Tokyo
2016: Austin / Barcelona
2017: Boston / Sydney
2018: Vancouver / Berlin
2019: Denver

Upcoming Summits
2019: Shanghai (November 4-6)



How can I register?

There are 2 ways to register.

1. In USD (without fapiao)

2. In RMB (with fapiao)


What are the ticket options for the Open Infrastructure Summit and Project Teams Gathering?

Standard Full Access
Access to all Breakout Sessions and Workshops, Forum Developer & Operator working sessions, Keynote presentations, Marketplace Expo Hall, Lounges, etc and access to Project Teams Gathering working event. Lunch will be provided.

VIP Full Access
Access to VIP reception (more info TBD). Access to all Breakout Sessions and Workshops, Forum Developer & Operator working sessions, Keynote presentations, Marketplace Expo Hall, Lounges, etc and access to Project Teams Gathering working event. Lunch will be provided.


Can I get a receipt of my registration?

If you require a detailed receipt for the ticket you purchased, please email [email protected].


I need a fapiao. What do I do?

If you are required to have a fapiao, please make sure to register using the RMB (with fapiao) link to register for the Summit. Once registered, there will be an option asking if a fapiao is needed. If selected, QR codes will be sent to you to receive your e-fapiao. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


How can I transfer or cancel my Summit ticket?

If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else or you need your ticket cancelled/refunded, please email [email protected] before October 25, 2019.

Refunds and Transfers will be granted until October 25, 2019 - after this time no refunds or transfers can be made.


Why have I not received a registration confirmation email from EventXtra?

If you have registered using a 100% off registration code, the EventXtra does not send out a confirmation email right away. One of our team members will be sending these confirmations out manually each week so please wait 3-5 business days for your registration confirmation email to be sent to you after you register with a 100% free registration code. If you have any questions regarding registration, please email [email protected].

Summit Agenda & Session Info

What open source projects are represented at the Summit?

Speakers are encouraged to submit presentations covering a variety of projects in the open infrastructure community. Below is a list of projects represented at previous Summits. If you would like to present about a project that is not included below, please email [email protected].

-Cloud Foundry
-Kata Containers
-Open Compute
-OpenFOG -
-Tungsten Fabric