Speaker Details

Steven Wilkerson

I'm currently involved in helping evolve AT&T's involvement in open source projects, particularly with OpenStack and Kubernetes.  My technical interests include:  infrastructure, various deployment methodologies, and aligning my skills and the skills of my peers with the DevOps lifestyle.  

As a software engineer by trade, I look for opportunities for container technology to help my fellow software engineers produce better software, and I also look for opportunities to show software engineers why they need to be mindful of the operator experience.

As a contributor to the openstack-helm project, I've worked with great engineers and operators who bring a breadth of experience to the OpenStack namespace.  I've learned different ways of approaching particular problems through my experience with the project's team, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with them to move the idea of OpenStack-on-Kubernetes forward.  I feel my experience working on multiple implementations of OpenStack-on-Kubernetes (OpenStack-Helm and Kolla-Kubernetes) gives me unique perspectives on some of the challenges associated with the two platforms working together.