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Mark Goddard
StackHPC, Senior Technical Lead

I've been involved with OpenStack since 2014, using cloud computing technologies to manage High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. I've spent a lot of time with Kayobe, Kolla, Ironic, Nova and Neutron, and been involved in both upstream and downstream development of these and other projects. I'm a core member of the Ironic, Kolla and Kayobe projects. I'm a keen user of Ansible as a tool for managing configuration and orchestration at many levels of the software stack.

I currently work for StackHPC (https://stackhpc.com), a small consultancy based in Bristol. We help our customers to get the most out of OpenStack when applied to the HPC use case. In this role I'm the lead developer of Kayobe (https://kayobe.readthedocs.io), and get to work upstream in a number of projects. I'm currently the PTL of the Kolla project for the Train cycle.

Previously I worked for Cray, where we were developing a common system management platform based on OpenStack to manage a number of Cray's HPC products.