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Haseeb Akhtar
Principal Solutions Consultant, Ericsson

20+ years of experience spanned across various roles within the research and product development of telecommunication systems, with a special concentration on wireless and packet based networks. In depth knowledge of IETF (TCP/UDP, IP, LDAP, SIP, SNMP, RTP/RTCP, IPSec, Mobile IP, Radius/Diameter etc.), wireless (TDMA, CDPD, CDMA, 1XRTT, GPRS, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, 802.11x based WLAN etc.) and wireline (ANSI-41, ATM, ISUP, MEGACO/MGCP, PRI, SS7, TDM etc.) protocols. Always held key positions and led highly competent technical teams to come up with state-of-the art solution. Filed over 60 patents (to date, 36 of them have been granted by US, Australia and European patent authorities), authored several IETF documents (co-authored RFC 4283, contributed in RFCs 3344, 3588 and 3846 and co-authored other IETF drafts). Also authored conference papers and chapters in books on 3G/4G wireless networks.

Specialties: Application driven End-to-End Solution Architecture, Performance of Applications and Services, Translation of Business Drivers into Technical Requirements, Technical Validation and Development of Business Cases.