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Face Recognition within 5 minutes with OpenStack

Have you ever taken a group photo and wondered who the people were in the picture? Now, thanks to OpenStack and TensorFlow - the open source machine learning framework, you don’t have to wonder anymore!


In this session, we’ll demonstrate how a facial recognition program together with graphics processing units (GPUs) can maximize the speed and accuracy of Face Recognition as well as how to tune the frame decoding and inference time. We’ll also show application developers how to set up Face Detection Networks quickly and choose the correct Neural Network design option while helping Operators will learn how to provide resources such as GPUs and virtual GPUs.

Tuesday, April 30, 9:50am-10:30am
Difficulty Level: N/A
Red Hat
Sylvain currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat mainly dedicated on Nova (Compute) and is one of the maintainers (called nova-core). His love story with OpenStack began in 2012 as an operator/deployer running Diablo, but as he was too busy to chase and fix bugs, he decided to create some by himself. When he has (unfortunately not that much) free time, he contributes to organize... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
Erwan is Product Manager for OpenStack Platform in Red Hat focused on Compute and Hardware Accelerators. Erwan is the President of OpenStack-FR association and Ambassador of the OpenStack Foundation. As CTO of a web media group he has built high traffic platforms based on open source technologies, he has created a French social media joined by 16 million members. Erwan was Release Manager of... FULL PROFILE