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Edge Computing use cases discussion and feedback

Edge Computing has a variety of use cases in varous industry segments to bring you new experiences from every day life to automation in factories or health care. While these use cases can look very different they often turn out to be very similar on the requirement level.

The OSF Edge Computing Group is a working group that collects edge computing use cases in order to understand this area better by analyzing requirements and identifies gaps to fill in the open source ecosystem on the IaaS layer.

This session will display the list of identified use cases for a sanity check to set priorities, gather more details and identify new items for the list. With feedback from users and operators on the current needs we can ake sure to address immediate needs through the currently ongoing design and development activities in both OpenStack projects as well as StarlingX.

Tuesday, April 30, 11:40am-12:20pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Tags: starlingx
OpenStack Foundation, Ecosystem Technical Lead
Ildikó started her journey with virtualization during the university years and has been in connection with this technology different ways since then. She started her career at a small research and development company in Budapest, where she was focusing on areas like system management and business process modelling and optimization. Ildikó got in touch with OpenStack when she... FULL PROFILE