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Ironic multi-tenancy and hardware leasing

Ironic has always been an "Administrative" API, and Nova has served as the provider and gatekeeper of multitenant access and resource management, however as standalone usage grows, we need to consider the ramifications on multitenant use as well as the desires and wants for hardware ownership tracking and acess management. We have a free form owner field, but how do we model this? How do we enable operators to pool resources in a baremetal focused world? What makes sense? Have we lost our minds?

Monday, April 29, 12:00pm-12:40pm
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Cloud Automation and Distribution Engineer
Julia is an Expert Systems Engineer with over fifteen years of experience engineering, building, managing, and troubleshooting customized solutions ranging from specific items such as power, HVAC, and storage, to inter-facility connectivity and cloud infrastructures.She has a proven track record in researching and deploying appropriate technologies to meet evolving needs in a... FULL PROFILE