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StarlingX hands-on workshop

StarlingX is a complete open source cloud infrastructure software stack for the edge. It can run on as little as one or two nodes, or be used with a larger number of hosts. The OpenStack deployment in StarlingX runs as an application on top of a fully integrated and managed Kubernetes system. StarlingX also includes other open source components such as Ceph. As well, StarlingX provides advanced high availability and integrity systems required for mission critical use cases.

In this workshop attendees will learn what StarlingX is, how it is architected, and how it can be deployed. Attendees will follow instructions and install an all-in-one containerized StarlingX in a VM provided by Packet.com and use that installation to explore the features, services, and capabilities of the project.

For example, the worshop will cover:

• How to Install StarlingX;
• How OpenStack works on top of Kubernetes;
• How to use StarlingX services and components;
• How to manage the inventories of CPUs, memory, huge pages, etc;
• Host lifecycle management;
• Querying custom alarms and logs through the fault management service;
• and more.

Attendees Requirements:

• WIFI capable laptop with an ssh client
• Familarity with the Linux command line
• Ability to copy and paste commands

Wednesday, May 1, 1:40pm-5:50pm (7:40pm - 11:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
OpenStack Architect
Curtis is an OpenStack Architect at Interdynamix. In his career Curtis has deployed private clouds for educational institutions, implemented large object storage systems for digital archives, and designed and operated an advanced Canadian public cloud, all utilizing OpenStack. He is primarily interested in advanced datacenter technologies such as infrastructure as a service, automation, and... FULL PROFILE
Shuquan Huang is a Technical Director at 99Cloud, where he built the whole engineering teams from the ground up, established agile development methods to design and implement solutions for cloud computing and edge computing. Shuquan has been working with open source software for over 10 years. He started his OpenStack journey at its early days in 2011 and actively involved as technical... FULL PROFILE