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Know more about your Ceph cluster with ELK stack!

Ceph generates quite a few logs which you can use to transform into alerts and do proper analysis of the data. If you tune things right you just might catch a problem before it occurs. Maybe you did have a problem already and you want to analyze it so that it doesn't happen again. We will explore how to enable GELF logging in Ceph and utilizing that with the ELK Stack. Another use we can tie into the ELK stack is the Object storage (RGW). With the use of elasic search we can now search our metadata and sort through important information being stored as objects. This metadata can also be customized with your own fields in RGW. I'll demonstrate live some analysis of a running Ceph cluster with both the logging and RGW metadata search abilities.

What can I expect to learn?

Operators of Ceph storage clusters can make use of ELK stack in troubleshooting, problem analysis, metadata search, log search, and apply machine learning to mitigate risk to their environment in the future. lower down time and fewer outages. 

Monday, April 29, 2:50pm-3:30pm (8:50pm - 9:30pm UTC)
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Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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