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Airskiff: Your on-ramp to Airship development

Airship is a platform that enables operators to reliably and repeatably provision production-grade cloud infrastructure using declarative configuration. Airship is a substantial project, and it can be tough to know where to get started. Operator-scale target hardware, sizeable configuration documents, and non-trivial deployment times challenge developers who want to quickly get started with Airship development.

This presentation offers developers (as well as operatators) a solution to quickly test their software workloads using Airship, and to deploy their own code changes to Airship itself while demonstrating the flexibility and resiliency that Airship provides.

What can I expect to learn?

This session provides developers with:

  • A live demo of a software update using Airskiff.
  • An easy on-ramp to developing new features in Airship and testing them using Airskiff's lightweight development workflow.
  • The ability to deploy a custom workload on Airship from their personal laptops.
  • Insight into how the Airship community uses Airskiff to gate patches submitted to Airship repositories.
Tuesday, April 30, 4:20pm-5:00pm (10:20pm - 11:00pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Matt is a cloud engineer living in Saint Louis, Missouri.  He's participated in a number of OpenStack-related efforts in the community, and integrates this work within AT&T as part of its Network Cloud platform.    He has been working in the OpenStack community for about two and a half years; first in a supervisory capacity for AT&T -- onboarding, mentoring, and... FULL PROFILE
AT&T Integrated Cloud
Drew Walters is an active contributor to OpenStack-Helm and Airship. He is a developer for AT&T's Network Cloud and contributes to the delivery of software used to deploy 5G sites. Drew also has background as a contributor of the Crust Firmware project, an effort to provide free management firmware for Allwinner SoCs. FULL PROFILE