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Building an NVFI platform for vEPC with Contrail, DPDK, SmartNICs and OpenStack

This session details lessons learned from developing hosting platforms for vEPC. It covers building, managing and tuning an NFVI using MaaS, Juju, DPDK, Contrail and SmartNICs.

Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net deployed a solution using Ubuntu 16.04, OpenStack Ocata and Contrail 4.1 with Infra-as-a-Code approach and CI/CD integration in mind, delivering a high performance cloud platform. During this process, a number of different Contrail dataplane options were evaluated, including kernel, DPDK and SmartNIC. Integration and tuning was done to achieve the required performance.

We show how we're taking the lessons we've learned and are upstreaming it to OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric to smooth out this process for future releases.

After this presentation, you will know:

  • more about Contrail dataplanes
  • performance to expect today
  • tuning options that can be retrofitted to older versions of OpenStack
  • what will be shipping with the next versions of OpenStack and Contrail

What can I expect to learn?

Firstly, building an NFVI from scratch is a daunting task: the requirements that NFVs place to reach peak performance are pretty high. On the other hand, DevOps and Infra-as-Code provide the framework allowing repeatable and reusable deployments, with fewer failures due to human error. This session takes a from-the-trenches view of how the pieces come together.

Secondly, this session gives a detailed view of how Contrail, Tungsten Fabric, DPDK and SmartNIC offloads fit together. In order to squeeze the last drop of performance out of a platform, you have to develop a whole new bag of tricks. Getting those tricks upstream is an investment in the future.

Tuesday, April 30, 4:00pm-4:10pm (10:00pm - 10:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Deutsche Telekom Pan - Net Hungary Kft.
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