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Container Networking at the Edge with Kuryr

Running containerized microservices at the network edge is quickly gaining popularity, but how do we provide networking to these containers?
Let Kuryr provide the bridge between your Container Orchestration Engine (COE) and Neutron's network abstraction layer. OpenStack already gives you the ability to deploy OpenStack compute nodes to the edge via Nova's existing Availability Zones functionality. Kuryr allows you to leverage the existing Neutron network layer between the Central Data Center (CDC) control plane and the remote compute node.

In this talk we'll discuss:

  • OVS/CRI-O/Kuryr integration
  • Discussion of the CRI-O implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface) abstraction layer
  • Configuring Kuryr’s libnetwork driver
  • Containerized workload example leveraging Kuryr and Neutron
  • Leverages a latency simulation framework between the central data center and edge nodes to model real world conditions in the lab

What can I expect to learn?
  • Demonstrate how to leverage existing OpenStack compute and networking functionality for containerized edge applications with Kuryr
  • Overview of the CRI-O K8S CRI implementation
  • The latency simulation framework used in demo could be useful for testing a wide variety of usecases in the lab where real world conditions are required
Wednesday, May 1, 3:20pm-4:00pm(UTC -5)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Dell EMC, Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Senior principal software engineer with over 20 years of experience designing and building software solutions. I am currently a member of Dell EMC Network Edge team.  My introduction to OpenStack was working on the team that implemented the Crowbar deployment tool, the first of it's kind for deploying OpenStack to bare-metal. I have been an active upstream contributor to the... FULL PROFILE
Canonical, Software Developer
Mark is a Telco Innovation Staff Solution Architect at VMware and is the Project Team Lead for the OPNFV StorPerf project.  He is also involved in the OPNFV Edge Cloud project, OpenStack Ironic project, and participates in the OpenStack Edge Computing Working group.   Mark is passionate about testing and code quality, as well as being actively involved in the OPNFV community and... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat Inc.
Daniel is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat contributing to upstream OpenStack and RDO and Kuryr's PTL since the Rocky cycle. He's passionate about networking, development, and messing around with python and deployment tools! He holds a MSc Degree in Telecommunications from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and is a core reviewer for the interop project, as well as an active contributor to... FULL PROFILE