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Far Edge with VMs and Containers

With both OpenStack and Kubernetes infrastructures like OpenShift, we have seperate platforms for both VMs and containers.  One model to unify into one platform would be to add container support into OpenStack and the other option would be to add VMs to Kubernetes.

In this session we shared the use case for common open infrastructure with both VMs and containers plus how KubeVirt allows VMs to run in an existing k8s environment.  We will continue with lessons learned and how different choices affect your scale and funtionality.


Monday, April 29, 2:40pm-2:50pm(UTC -5)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat, Telco Solution Architect
Eric Lajoie is a Telco Solution Architect for Red Hat, EMEA. In his current capacity, Eric is responsible for end to end solution design, be it OpenShift, OpenStack, IPv6, EPC, or networking designs. His key interests and achievements are in design and implementation of carrier level OpenStack solutions as well as integration with SDN, EPC, LTE, VoLTE, Femto, M2M, VMware, and all flavors of... FULL PROFILE