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Bridging Clouds with Keystone to Keystone Federation

Since Kilo, keystone has featured the ability to provide federated identity across multiple OpenStack clouds in a configuration we call Keystone to Keystone. In such a setup, one keystone acts as a SAML2.0 identity provider, generating SAML assertions that are consumed by another keystone acting as a service provider. Although this feature has been available for some time, its uses are still not widely understood.

This session will be a technical deep-dive into the core concepts behind Keystone to Keystone federation, focusing on configuring and operating a federated cloud deployment.

The session will include a demonstration of configuring and using Keystone to Keystone federation.

What can I expect to learn?

The audience will learn:

* What is Keystone to Keystone federation?

* What are the advantages of Keystone to Keystone federation?

* Terminology and Architecture of Keystone to Keystone federation.

* How to configure Keystone to Keystone federation and debugging tips.

* Whats New in keystone federation and what the keystone team has planned for its future.

Wednesday, May 1, 11:40am-12:20pm (5:40pm - 6:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Cloud Developer, SUSE
Colleen is a software engineer for the cloud team at SUSE. She has been contributing to OpenStack since 2014, including sitting on the OpenStack Technical Committee, and currently serves as the Project Team Lead for the keystone project. Colleen lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon in the USA. FULL PROFILE
Vishakha Agarwal is currenty working with NECTI India.She is having a total of around 3.5 years of experience. It's been a year she is associated with NECTI working on openstack.She is majorly involved in upstream development of Keystone, core component of openstack. FULL PROFILE