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Kata Containers on Arm: Let's talk about our progress!

Penny and Justin will introduce current status of kata containers on aarch64, including what we have already done and plan to do for fully running kata containers with all feasible features on aarch64.raw agenda will be as follows:

  • Introduction of Kata containers and its whole ecosystem. (short and rough)
  • Introduction of aarch64 and its whole ecosystem. (short and rough)
  • In order to run Kata Containers on aarch64, what we have already done:
  1. Basic, and advanced hardware check for running kata containers on aarch64.
  2. Switch to nvdimm for better performance on aarch64.
  3. How to limit a kata container’s resource on aarch64, including memory hotplug, cpu hotplug, etc.
  • Upcoming plans and features on aarch64

We will also run a demo on an Arm server showing:

  • Running Kata Containers with Docker on aarch64
  • Running Kata Containers with Kubernetes and CRI-O on aarch64

What can I expect to learn?


Kata Container is a good fit for projects which are containers on-demand and need high-level isolation and security. The Arm server has really picked up in 2018. For the first time ever, there are chips with many fast cores available. The IT industry start to recognize Arm as a serious alternative for server CPUs. So, anyone who is interested in both would benefit from this talk. The audience would get the first-hand information of the status of kata containers on aarch64. Audiences in other areas would also likely find it to be an interesting topic.

Benefits to the ecosystem:

Kata Containers is aimed at architecture agnostic. Earlier days, for some advanced features, there existed quite a gap on aarch64. However, with Arm’s participation and collaboration with Kata community, for now, these gaps have been substantially narrowed down and the whole kata CI infrastructure is also online on arm platform.

Since Kata Container works seamlessly with mainstream container orchestration projects, like k8s, openstack, etc, we also made those projects more arch-agnostic and better integrated with arm server ecosystem.

Tuesday, April 30, 2:30pm-3:10pm (8:30pm - 9:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Software Engineer
Penny is a Software Engineer at Arm in the Opensource Software Ecosystem and co-working with Justin He. She has worked on Kata Container Project on behalf of Arm and also contributed Arm multi-arch support to Containerd. FULL PROFILE
Staff Software Engineer, Arm
Justin (Jia He)Staff Software Engineer, ArmJustin is a Staff Software Engineer at Arm in the Opensource Software Ecosystem. He focuses on virtualization/kernel areas.He is responsible for kata-containers and Unikraft on Arm FULL PROFILE