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Rook: A new and easy way to run your Ceph storage on Kubernetes

Ceph is one of the most popular storage backends for OpenStack, and it has a reputation for being complex to set up and to manage. Rook is an open source project incubated by the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation with a goal of providing Ceph block, file, and object storage inside of Kubernetes. It's more than just running Ceph containers; it is an intelligent operator that can help deploy and manage Ceph clusters, keeping them healthy with less work. In this talk, we will introduce Rook and explore the features important for OpenStack storage. We will also demonstrate Rook, showing Ceph's lifecycle management in-action and its integration.

What can I expect to learn?

This session will show a relatively new way to orchestrate a Ceph cluster on Kubernetes. Beyond introducing a new project to the OpenSource ecosystem, we believe this project is better than what currently exists. Being cloud-native and sponsored by the CNCF carries a the context that Rook does not just make running Ceph on Kubernetes possible, it makes it natural. Rook helps bring the future of hyperconverged infrastructure closer to the real world and more accessible to organizations without advanced technical knowledge.

Monday, April 29, 2:50pm-3:30pm (8:50pm - 9:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Rook-Ceph maintainer and Software Engr. for SUSE Enterprise Storage
I am a maintainer for the Rook upstream project's Ceph backend, and I work for SUSE as lead software engineer on the Enterprise Storage team's efforts to containerize Ceph and run it on Kubernetes. My dev and test clusters run on OpenStack, and my go-to random fact is that beavers are nocturnal. FULL PROFILE
Senior Architect
Stephen is currently working with SUSE's advanced technologies consulting group helping design and deploy SUSE OpenStack Cloud (SOC) for customers. Prior to SUSE, he was VP of Engineering at a Boulder based cybersecurity company and redesigned a product for OpenStack. Before that he worked at Mirantis in their training department training customers in "PurePlay OpenStack". FULL PROFILE