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Testing Openstack Workloads with Microstack!

Have you ever been in this situation? You have an interesting experiment you want to run on Openstack, but the company lab is booked, and the budget folks are giving you side eye about how much you're spending monthly on science experiments in the public cloud.Microstack might be exactly what you need. Microstack is Openstack in a snap: with just a handful of terminal commands, you can have a "full" Openstack running on your laptop. And then you can do anything you might want to do with a "normal" Openstack on your new personal Openstack cloud.In this hands on workshop, we'll deploy Kubernetes on top of Openstack, to give participants a feel for what it's like to deploy workloads on Openstack. You're welcome to bring your own project, as well, and we'll give you a hand in realizing it.

Some things to know in advance.

In this workshop, you'll need a computer running a Linux  operating system that can host kvm instances, and install and run snaps  and juju tooling. We recommend that you run on a machine that has at  least 16GB of RAM, a quad core processor, and 100GB of free hard drive  space. Cpu virtualization extensions should be turned on. (We'd be happy  to help you experiment with other setups, but we can't guarantee that  they will work.)We'll be downloading several cloud images, snap packages  and juju charms during this workshop. In order to save time, and avoid  network related blockers, you may want to install or fetch some of those  packages in advance.To install the snaps, run:

 sudo snap install --classic --beta microstack  

sudo snap install --classic juju  

sudo snap install --classic kubectl  

The cloud images we'll need are:

To fetch the charms, run:

 sudo snap install --classic charm  

charm pull cs:~containers/easyrsa  

charm pull cs:~containers/etcd  

charm pull cs:~containers/kubernetes-master  

charm pull cs:~containers/kubernetes-worker  

Alternately, you may simply want to run through the  workshop in advance, and come to the summit with any questions. I've  included documentation in a file called DEMO.md in the microstack source  code: https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/microstack/blob/master/DEMO.md 

What can I expect to learn?

Microstack helps operators, programmers, and data scientists with ideas get around the obstacle of initially spinning up a cloud.

Tuesday, April 30, 10:50am-12:15pm (4:50pm - 6:15pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Software Engineer
Pete Vander Giessen is a Software Engineer at Canonical. He has a decade of experience with microservices, distributed databases, and the cloud, and is currently engaged in building tools to make it straightforward for Devops engineers to build, manage and scale software in public, private and hybrid clouds. FULL PROFILE