Join us November 13-15, 2018 in

Berlin, Germany

The next Open Infrastructure Summit is going to be in Denver, April 29-May 1. Check out the agenda.

Trainings & Workshops

At the Summit, we provide a dedicated space for learning that will house dozens of hands-on workshops, day-long intensive training sessions and a two-day upstream training. All participants must be registered attendees of the Berlin Summit. Growing the cloud computing talent pool is a strategic initiative for the OpenStack Foundation, and it will greatly increase the amount of practical, hands-on training available to attendees. It’s the best place to develop valuable OpenStack skills that meet market demands, so bring your laptop and take home knowledge.


Intensive Trainings

Intensive training courses will be offered free of charge to registered Summit attendees by leading training companies in the OpenStack ecosystem. The courses are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday of the Summit week. They are first come, first serve, so arrive early! Bring your laptop. 

Hands On Workshops

Throughout the week, we will host dozens of 90-minute, hands-on workshops. We’re also dramatically improving the student experience with a dedicated network and better setup. Check out the workshops happening all week and make sure to arrive early so you can get a spot. Bring your laptop.

OpenStack Upstream Institute

OpenStack Upstream Institute is an intensive program designed to share knowledge about the different ways of contributing to OpenStack like providing new features, writing documentation, participating in working groups, and so forth. The educational program is built on the principle of open collaboration and will teach the students how to find information and navigate the intricacies of the project’s technical tools and social interactions in order to get the contributions accepted. The one and a half day class is focusing on hands-on practice like the students can use a development environment to work on real-life bug fixes or new features and learn how to test, prepare and upload them for review. The attendees are also given the opportunity to join a mentoring program to get further help and guidance on their journey to become an active and successful member of the OpenStack community.