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Sebastian Wenner
Open Telekom Cloud Architect

I started my careen in 1997 at IBM Germany, doing a dual study for infarmation technologies. During my studies we came across a open-source operating system called Linux which drew a lot of my attention and continued to do so until present time.

In my later work at IBM I always followed the Linux and Open Source path, doing several years of project work at customer sites until I switched to the Outsourcing part to work for and later to head the Linux team.

As the pure technical side war not satisfying enough for me, I got the chance to do an MBA program and take a look at the dark side ;) In 2012 I moved to T-Systems, heading there the Linux & Solaris Team and later on a team called Cross Platform Integration. There I got in contact with OpenStack and the idea to create a OpenStack based cloud offering for Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems. That endavour ended in what we are today offering as Open Telekom Cloud, me being senior product developer / the technical platform lead for it.

Apart from doing all that computer stuff, I am married, have a son and enjoy a lot doing some cooking & baking, spending time with my family and travelling throughout the wolrd.