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What actually is Open Infrastructure? AMA: OpenStack Foundation Leadership

Bring your burning questions to the Berlin Summit town hall where you can ask OpenStack Foundation leadership anything: like what open infrastructure really means, how the OSF pilot projects fit into the Foundation’s strategy and the latest updates around OpenStack.

Wednesday, November 14, 3:20pm-4:00pm (2:20pm - 3:00pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Open Infrastructure Foundation, Vice President, Marketing and Community Services
Lauren Sell is the Vice President, Marketing and Community Services for the OpenStack Foundation. She helped launch OpenStack in 2010 and has since focused on building the brand and global community around one of the largest and most successful open source projects to date. She is passionate about the community and has been working closely with OpenStack users, technical contributors and... FULL PROFILE
Open Infrastructure Foundation, Executive Director
Jonathan Bryce, who has spent his career building the cloud, is Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation. Previously he was a founder of The Rackspace Cloud. He started his career working as a web developer for Rackspace, and during his tenure, he and co-worker Todd Morey had a vision to build a sophisticated web hosting environment where users and businesses alike could turn to design,... FULL PROFILE
OpenInfra Foundation, COO
Prior to working on OpenStack, I worked at Yahoo! as Sr. Director of Business Development focused on strategic partnerships in the music business (via Yahoo's acquisition of Musicmatch), and previously at Dell in product, marketing, and technical roles. I joined Rackspace in 2009, in the role of Vice President of Business Development & Corporate Development, and began working on a plan... FULL PROFILE
Open Infrastructure Foundation, Vice President of Engineering
Thierry Carrez is the General Manager for the OpenInfra Foundation. A long-time elected member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, he has been a Release Manager for the OpenStack project since its inception, coordinating the effort and facilitating collaboration between contributors. Thierry spoke about OpenStack, open innovation and open source project management at various conferences... FULL PROFILE