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How to avoid vendor lock-in in a multi-cloud world with Zenko

Today’s world is multi-cloud: in a recent 2018 study, 81 percent of enterprises respondent confirmed they had a multi-cloud strategy. Yet, with these multi-cloud strategies come from the fear of vendor lock-in: in July 2017, a study found that vendor lock-in was a concern for 80% of enterprises.

For engineers and sysadmins, multi-cloud strategies usually imply complexity: multiple APIs, multiple endpoints, opaque workflows… These are all issues Zenko tries to address. Zenko is the free open source Multi-Cloud Data Controller. Zenko is a modular stack of microservices leveraging Kubernetes for seamless deployment and management.

Zenko gives you the freedom to manage your data across all the main public clouds (currently: AWS S3, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean Spaces, Wasabi; upcoming: Backblaze B2) and private clouds (Scality RING, local (privately hosted) S3 buckets, and Ceph) using a single endpoint (of your choice) and a single API: the S3 API. Zenko also lets you replicate across all these backends and do metadata search across all of them.

Practically, this means you get a single namespace across all of your backends. Zenko also comes with a web management UI, Orbit.

Finally, Zenko writes everything in native format, committing to giving you and your data freedom: Zenko is not a restrictive gateway: once used to write data using the S3 protocol to any cloud, said data may be accessed / transformed / read with any tool compatible with the backend it was written to (including tools native to that backend).

This talk will assess the current state of multi-cloud, the enterprises need for more transparency on how their data is managed, and the solutions brought to them by Zenko. This talk will also touch on business challenges of using Docker in production at large customer, and on our own deployment process of kubespray, metal-k8s, that aims at making bare-metal kubernetes services deployments easy and durable. It will include a live demo.

Thursday, November 15, 1:00pm-1:20pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
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