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The next Open Infrastructure Summit is going to be in Denver, April 29-May 1. Check out the agenda.

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Diversity and Inclusion WG Update

Meet with members of the Diversity Working Group! Learn the history behind the group, what it is currently working on and help drive where the group and OpenStack is going in regards to Diversity and Inclusion.

Tuesday, November 13, 3:20pm-4:00pm
Will be recorded
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Tags: Diversity
O.A.T, Open Source Community Manager
Amy Marrich is an Open Source Community Manager at O.A.T and previeously was the OpenStack Instructor at Linux Academy and a Linux System Engineer on the Platform Engineering Cloud Operations team at Rackspace and is an active member of the Openstack Ansible project and currently servers as a member of the User Committe, Chair for the Diversity Working Group and is one of the leaders for the... FULL PROFILE