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A Unified Storage Solution for Large-Scale Private Cloud

Yahoo! JAPAN routinely provides access support for over 90 million devices a day. However as they looked to evolve as a data company they were challenged to expand their capabilities to leverage vast data stores. Embracing OpenStack and Quobyte as the foundation of their next generation platform has helped them meet these challenges and continue to be the most visited site in the country.

Wednesday, November 14, 11:50am-12:30pm (10:50am - 11:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Manager, Yahoo! JAPAN
Yusuke Sato is a manager of Yahoo! JAPAN's private cloud compute team. Yahoo! JAPAN provides largest portal site in Japan. FULL PROFILE
CTO, Quobyte
Felix Hupfeld is one of the creators of XtreemFS, the open-source fault-tolerant distributed file system, spent several years at Google to accompany Google's tape backup system from pre-production to mind-blowing scale, and returned to Berlin to join in founding the software storage company Quobyte. Quobyte's Unified Storage Plane enables everyone to run professional storage infrastructure on... FULL PROFILE
Yahoo! JAPAN
Akira Kamio is a OpenStack Engineer in Yahoo! JAPAN's Infrastructure team. Yahoo! JAPAN provides largest portal site in Japan. He mainly development of openstack-based private cloud in Yahoo! JAPAN.He likes server optimization, such as tuning the kernel and qemu/kvm. He has a particular interest in high performance hypervisor architectures. FULL PROFILE